Alex - Vocals

Gareth - Guitars

Paul - Bass

Wayne - Drums

Prepare your eardrums and flex those neck muscles ready for the arrival of Nil.  Hailing from South Wales, Nil is the new project from assorted members of various noisy bands from the South Wales scene such as

Ten Cent Toy, Dimensions and Johnny Mental.


With a myriad of influences between them, Nil is truly a force to reckoned with combining the hardcore edge of bands such as Vision Of Disorder and Botch with the noise elements of Will Haven and the ferocity and violence of bands like Burnt By The Sun and Nails.  The result is a crushing mix of pounding rhythm and savage riffage.  If you like heavy music then try and resist the blunt force trauma of songs such as Grueler, the apocalyptic carnage of New Worlds and the ear-bleeding attack of Abort for which there is a music video ready to drop imminently.


From their endeavors with their previous bands there is a wealth of professional experience from all members from playing festivals such as Hammerfest and Bloodstock to tours with bands such as Evil Scarecrow and Hacride and shows alongside Gojira, Bleed From Within and Dying Fetus amongst others.


When Nil rolls into town to play a show you had better batten down the hatches and prepare oneself for a new kind of chaos.



Richard Oliver (Online blogger)

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